To The Unwed Mother

Oh how the world loves to point fingers while, in hiding, committing their own sins.

My boyfriend and I had been dating long distance so the moment we finally got to be together, face to face, again we engulfed one another. And before you know it, I was pregnant. It was September 8th, my 21 st birthday, and my mom calls me. “Kayla, please do not do what I did and get pregnant at 21.” Well, three days later I called her back and said “whoops.”

I was beyond thrilled. The only sadness that occurred from receiving the news was dreading having to tell my family. I wasn’t sure what they would do, but I knew they would be very disappointed. What they saw was a young, jobless, and unwed girl. They let my current circumstances affect the joy of me bringing in new life. Letting their beliefs get in the way of a beautiful thing. Forgetting that regardless of the plans they had for me, I’m still my own person. They seemed to not realize that no sin is greater than the other. We all have our own convictions, at our own time.

My happiness was overwhelming.

I was having a baby. That is huge and such a blessing. I was never scared by the fact that I didn’t have a job because guess what? Everything happens for a reason and everything  always works out, duh. I wish I could say I wasn’t embarrassed by not having a ring on my finger. At one point, I even started putting a ring on my wedding finger out of shame of what others may think. They see a big ole pregnant belly (my fave) but no ring. I assumed that they assumed I was a hoe.

Throughout my pregnancy I received talk after talk about how I should have waited. Of course my family members moved past their disappointment, especially once I gave birth. I mean one look at my baby girls sweet face and the world stops. But I think it’s important I still talk about this. I held my ground, had faith, and loved myself (when I remembered to). What about you? 


To The Unwed Mother, 

Who cares what others think. We are all on our own path. In our own story.

You must not only understand your worth, but always know it. Keep it at the front of your brain at all times.

Know that things happen. This isn’t the end of your life. Take this as a learning lesson and grow from it. Children teach us a lot.

If you have a dream, continue to chase it.

And if you’re in a relationship, don’t feel compelled to get married so fast unless that’s what you genuinely want. Often times we do things because everyone around us makes us feel like we have to. Follow your heart, the universe, and God… not everyone else.


To the Christian who is an unwed mother,

to every person who tries to step on you making you feel as if you aren’t worthy tell them…

Your relationship with the Lord is between you and Him. Open your mind up to taking in anything He may be teaching you through this.




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