To The Person Who Quit College

To The Person Who Quit College,

For whatever your reason is, you can still be successful in life without a degree.

For me, I went to college right out of high school. It’s not that I didn’t want to go to college, but I wasn’t ready to go right out of high school. My plan was to to travel and do missions trips first, but ya know I had to do what my parents wanted me to do. Therefor, I went out and started towards my degree.

The first week I was like I LOVE COLLEGE.

Excitement filled my soul as I signed up for all the clubs on campus, went to all the parties, and met all the people. The thing  about me is I love humans and I love to be involved. With that, I loved college solely because I saw it as a huge ongoing networking event.

Don’t get me wrong, I was hype in my business law class. Every time I went, I went with a new business idea… because that’s kind of sorta .. like my passion. I wanted to cut straight to the chase and get down to bih’ness. Well, college isn’t a cut to the chase kind of thing and I wasn’t with that. After being sick of failing classes I didn’t care for at all, I finally broke down to my parents and told them I was “taking a break.”

During my first break, I set out to live my passion. Not wait around for it to happen. I’ve been obsessed with business since my sophomore year of high school. Coming up with a business and planning it out, was what I did for fun. For that, my first venture was a clothing line. It kind of all happened naturally.

Notice how I said my first break?

The whole entrepreneur thing wasn’t working out so I thought dang, maybe I do need school. This time around I told myself I would work hard and that I needed a degree for credibility. I needed this paper to make my parents proud. Well sure enough, the second time around ended up being the same as the first time around. It was a cycle.

During my second and last break, I just let life flow and now here I am beyond happy and running two businesses! I have the credibility through my experiences. If there is anything I need or want to learn, I take a course on that specific subject allowing me to get straight to the point.

What Held Me Back 

From the beginning I held back from chasing what I really wanted. I started school on the timeline not only my parents gave me, but society gives us all. It’s instilled in us to go to college straight out of school. The world sets up these rules for us to live by. I’ve never really been a person for rules, but I found myself following them.

  • Doing what my parents wanted for myself. Keyword, my parents. I didn’t focus on what I wanted for my life.
  • Afraid to admit “I quit college.” I was nervous that everyone would think I was failure.

I held myself back from my potential and my purpose all for the fear of others.

To the person who quit college,

It’s ok… but make it worth it. Prove them wrong. Let them and yourself know that just because you quit doesn’t mean you won’t be successful and it also doesn’t mean you can’t ever go back.

Ask yourself why you quit college? Was it to chase your true passion? Why? 

You’ve quit college, now make something else shake. Give your new project your all. Chase after your dreams. Find your purpose. And be passionate.

Stop caring what others think. Stop living everyone elses dream for you. Live YOUR dream.

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“You can have all the degrees in the world, but if you don’t have a hustlers mentality, ambition, and common sense you’ll be lost.” – Jay Z

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