To The Mixed Girl

Before we get in to this, let me just say that there are so many ways to be mixed besides black and white. For me, I am these two but there are a hundred other mixtures.

Being mixed, doesn’t just mean being black and white.

Okuuuur, drumroll please because this girl is about to go on a major rant. I love being mixed for real , I really do. A nice lil’ skin tone, pretty hair, and other amazing traits. But

Every mixed girl isn’t the same.

Our hair textures are different. Skin tones are different, and guess what? We aren’t related! Nope, homegirl on the other side of the world is not my sister nor cousin.

I am me. 100%

As human beings we tend to hate being defined by our color right? Doesn’t make it any different for a mixed person. I am both black and white, but neither of those colors make up for who I am. I am Kayla Dene’ Slusher. So, black folks (not all) please stop looking at me crazy as soon as I walk into the building. See my face, don’t see the half white. White folks (not all), same! See me, not the half black.

Life would be so much easier if all applications had the “check all that apply” box when asking for race.

Let me just get an Amen if I haven’t already cause sheesh, y’all really want me to decide?


To The Mixed Girl, 

I feel you. I see you. You aren’t alone. I know the world hasn’t quite wrapped their heads around us yet.. which is funny because every person is pretty much mixed with something these days but it’s ok cause I get it. I got it. We good.


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