So you miss the person that broke your heart?

We never talk about how you’ll miss the person that you were in a relationship with. The toxic relationship. We never discuss that you may miss them even though they were abusive. We never mention the fact that you may still be in love with them.

It doesn’t make you crazy. Just confirms that you’re human.

Also, we don’t talk about what abuse is. Do we let both male and females know what abuse is? Do we tell them that it isn’t just physical? It’s emotional too. It’s words. It’s actions.


There’s so much that goes unsaid when it comes to toxic relationships.


Instead of driving yourself insane, talk to someone. “Well who can I call?” Me. You can call me. I’ve been in a bad relationship before. I know what it’s like.


  • Letting go of that person and that relationship isn’t easy. Be strong in the fight of moving on.
  • Good memories will pop up in your head having you think you should stay, don’t. A sweet moment doesn’t overrule someone not treating you right.


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