Life Update: Numero Uno

Surprisingly, you all asked for life updates so here’s to my first one. This is one that I never, ever thought I would be saying… again but when opportunity knocks, ya gotta answer.

Here it is….















That’s not the shocking part. The shocking part is where. Good ole Alabamer’

I have to just laugh because I literally cannot believe I am moving back. I told myself I would never go back, but the thing is. My boyfriend got a job. Like a pretty freaking awesome job that he can’t pass up. On top of that, we’re moving to a town I’ve never lived in. We’re close to Nashville (where I’ll be most of the time) and Riley Blake will be surrounded by family. Something I never really did because military life. This was one of those things where I had to take myself out of it and think about what’s best for my family. Also, on top of it all Alabama is the cheapest place on the Earth so I mean might as well right?


Any-who, that’s the big news and my very first ever life update. With that I want to mention for all my Alabama and Tennessee girls… or guys with a blog. Or anyone who wants to start a blog I will be having monthly meet ups with Style Collective. If you are interested, please sign up through this affiliate link then send me an e-mail at I am honestly excited to see where Alabama will take me this time. I am going in with a whole new mindset and I’m even more pumped to meet other bloggers in the area ♥


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