Life Update: Numero Tres

I’ve been at a loss for what to do next. My beauty business isn’t going as I had hoped. But then, I was reminded.


“Girl, you just got certificated and you’ve had how many clients?!”

“Wow, I love how you saw an opportunity and ran with it!”

I am capable. I have made progress.

On top of my realization that I’ve been too hard on myself, I’ve noticed that I let my blog go… just a little bit. Yes, I mean I’ve posted but I haven’t been truly in touch with y’all. Barely posting on my Instagram story and Facebook business page… nothing. Nada. And that is not ok. I let one little thing eat up at me which in turn affected all areas of my life. No more of that.

So back to the motto:

Encouraging the world to live life to it’s fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion.

How do I plan to encourage you ask?

My freakin’ brand new Youtube Channel (that’s the news. be excited)

I’ve tried the whole YouTube thing before, but always told myself I shouldn’t be posting because of the video quality, but ya know my blog is all about keepin’ it real. I’ll be doing just that with my Mac laptop Photo Booth. I remember when that was the thing, now everyone has their fancy tripods. Nothing wrong with a nice lil vlog camera cause ya girl wants one too, but remembering we all start somewhere is important. So, here I am starting with what I currently have. Producing videos all about loving ourselves and living our passion. With whateva’ camera I got!

Love Yourself Campaign

A campaign I started to help us get back into the groove of loving ourselves because listen. We can love ourselves all day long, but at some point things get tough. Having a routine or a reminder can keep us moving and grooving along towards our end goal. The campaign has a Love Yourself Workbook that is meant to be worked through one week out of every month. The workbook can be downloaded at the end of this post.


This is something that my little cousin started. You can read about the cleanse here. I’ve been posting my #100DayHappinessCleanse on my personal Facebook page. It’s pretty much committing 100 days to do self care. For 100 ideas on how to love yourself read here.

To The Person Series

As I’ve mentioned several times across my blog and social media, I am trying to be more open. I decided that I would open up through a series of letters. The reason I started my blog and I share my story is to help anyone currently going through thing

I’m here for myself and I’m here for y”all. Lets live life together.



And peep my Tube’



Love Yourself Workbook

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