Life Update: Numero Cuatro

After this, I’m numbering these in English (LOL)

On a serious note, things are bout to get real emotional up in hea’ 

Now, hold tight.

I’m about to update y’all, but in order for this update to make sense I have to give you back story. By no means am I trying to sound repetitive, but … here it goes.

I love business. 

I’m obsessed with coming up with new business ventures, figuring out marketing plans, and doing 100 things at once. Business is a cool way to incorporate all my passions into one. Many times I’ve been told that I have to find one thing and stick to it. I wasn’t wired that way though. I like to mix up my day-to-day task. Directing videos, taking photos, planning events, motivating/coaching, bringing people together, doing make up and anything else beauty related, and I mean I really could go on and on. I think you get the point. Since high school I’ve started a clothing line, artist collective, blog, beauty, and photography business. Everything has stuck. Some things have been put on hold, but for the most part each of these things are still moving and grooving.

Creator. I call myself a creator. The end goal to all of my passions is to artistically and creatively create.

Currently Though…

I am completely dived into my blog. My one year anniversary is coming up and I am beyond! Oooh, how I have some stuff in store for y’all. Also, my beauty business is full throttle.

I moved to Alabama in February of 2018.

As you saw in my first Life Update I moved to Alabama. I was super nervous because I thought I would hate it. Well come to find out I love it. There are many things to do in the area. Every week since I’ve moved I’ve gone to a networking event. Being around other entrepreneurs excites me! Really glad that I’m in a place that surrounds me with people who push me to want and do more in life from personal to family to business. (I tend to ramble so back to my point) Not long into my move did I start my beauty business, as I mentioned in my second Life Update. In college, I had a Facebook business page and tried to offer make up services, but I didn’t truly stick with it. I think I tried for like a week then said whatever. Even in high school I was the girl who did everyones make up. All the kids complimented me on my eyeshadow and eyebrows (till I got a lil too crazy with the pencil… one day I’ll be brave enough to show y’all how bad. I got way too carried away)

Where things get real.

Since the whole trying to offer services in college thing, I never thought about doing make up again. Or anything beauty related for that matter. Cut to my move to Alabama and I had just gotten my lashes done (eyelash extensions) and my lash tech was telling me how I should totally learn how to do them. I didn’t hesitate to accept her offer in teaching me. The next week as I was shopping for a bed and other supplies to start with my new gig, I met a lady whom I was planning on being my photographer for the blog. Little did I know she had a full on studio. Nope, not just a photography studio but a whole salon too. Yes, all under one room. During our meeting she gave me a tour and showed me the beauty room. The room that had the exact bed I needed. Also the room that was unoccupied for less than 24 hours. See, her original beauty girl moved to a different country literally the day before and she was looking to add someone. BAM. The perfect chance for me to let Sarah (owner of studio) know that I will soon be a certified lash tech.

Just like that

Things fell into place. In my eyes, I was making all the right moves. Something fell into my lap and I ran with it. Went to every networking event, hung up flyers in every place that I could, took professional photos for social media marketing, ran ads, and more. With that I just knew people would come flying in. But they didn’t.. well haven’t been. Don’t get me wrong, I have clients but not the way I need to survive and feed my family.

I’ve been wrapping my head around what the heck else I can do.

How can I gain more clients? I’ve been praying hard. Seeking advice from others. Most importantly, not giving up. I so badly want to own a business. Many businesses. I want my daughter to see her momma fighting hard over her dreams. Living my passion isn’t only for me, it’s for my family and everyone else watching. It’s for us.

Someone made a good point that I should offer more services in the salon. I mean I have my own room to do what I want! Might as well. I really like the idea of that because it makes me more open. Why not have a full on beauty business? I’m not just your lash girl. I’m your everything baby. I got you on hair, facials, nails, you name it. Just come on in for a full on spa day.

Again, I took it and ran with it.

After I prayed of course. I visited different cosmetology schools. Did my research and made a plan on how I could go to school, still take on clients, and all that good stuff ya know?! After finding the school of my dreams I prayed on it. Still praying.

Before I accept (I already applied and everything) I want to make sure I can handle this financially. I want to make sure I have the support from y’all. My readers. My friends. My family. I came up with a number of how many sessions I need to do in order for me to help my business grow. Going to cosmetology school will bring on more services to my existing business meaning I could open up and take on different clients and finally be financially stable. Going to cosmetology school gives me a certificate of something I’ve completed showing me I can do it. Going to cosmetology school means everything to me.


I need to do 100 photo shoots for this to work.

Soooo I need to know are y’all with me or what? Book a session with me. Get your friends to. And help me reach my goals. 

Pictures of some of my work are below. Comment, message me, or find Sincere Snapshots on Instagram.


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