Her Campus Blogger Conference

You guuuyyyyys. I’m going to my very first blogger conference!


Hosted by HerCampus July 21st + 22nd

Three months into my blogging journey and I had the pleasure of attending New York Fashion Week and now a year into my blogging career I am attending a blogger conference. I cannot keep calm.

Why should bloggers attend conferences? 

Meeting other bloggers is great for many reasons.

  • Network. Networking, in my opinion, is necessary in any business. If you’re a full-time blogger or want to be then your blog should be treated as a business. Network with bloggers in your area face to face and bloggers that aren’t so close by through social media and conferences.
  • Collaborate. Collaboration is an amazing tool to help you and someone else. It’s teaming up to create content together. When you attend a conference, look for other bloggers in your niche so you two or even five can come up with ways to work together. Think outside the box!
  • Have fun. Most importantly, meeting other bloggers is fun. Think of them as your coworkers. They understand the field and can be there as a friend when you need to vent or even just to get the perfect IG picture. They get it.

Now what are you waiting for? Get your #HerConference tickets now.

–> herconference.com


Soooo, how was it? 

I’ll let you know when I get back!

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