Going Green- A Complete Lifestyle Change

Using Natural Products

While I was pregnant I did a lot of research on all natural products. It’s like becoming a mom turned me into a non chemical freak! I have been realizing that there are so many harmful products that I use in my everyday life. Thankfully, I met Young Living Essentials. My homegirl Nat has sent me some products and given me the run down of each thing. Right now my favorite is “dream” because it is safe for kids (yay for all natural) and Riley loves it!!! It also smells good so that’s a plus.

Picture by @oilynatty

Essential Oils can be used in a lot of ways for different things like mental and physical health. The oils can also be used as cleaning products! I highly suggest contacting Nat. She is always offering classes and would love to help you get started on your all natural journey.

Another new product I am using to kick off my all natural journey is ButterCup Essentials sugar scrub and shea butter. Seriously I have no idea where to begin. For one, I am all about supporting small shops and local artist. With ButterCup Essentials each item that is produced is produced by hand, from the owner! I know everything is made with passion and I appreciate that. On top of that, I love their products. I am a sucker for a good scrub, especially one that smells like roses oohlala. Watch more about my all natural journey  here while receiving a sneak peak into my health journey too (yay for life changes).

Going Green

Just like going all natural, I wanted  to do research on going green. I connected with a fellow blogger friend who writes on this topic to tell me how I can start living more of a green life. I want to be good to this Earth and not be so wasteful!

Meet Morgan below.

Hello, my name is Morgan and I am the author of the blog Not Your Typical Hippie. As a child it was obvious that I had a passion for nature. As I grew up I started to realize how much of an impact we were having on the earth and this realization started with the news reporting that animals were becoming endangered or extinct. I wanted to do everything I could to help prevent these beautiful creatures from being wiped off the face of the earth. So, I decided I was going to become a zookeeper. After some time volunteering at my local zoo and assisting zookeepers, I decided it wasn’t the job for me. Later, I found my passion to be in Natural Resources Law Enforcement (Park Ranger) and Botany.
In high school the biggest accomplishment I achieved was getting my family to start recycling. This was the first step of my transition to a greener lifestyle. When I got to college is when I really started getting serious about adapting my lifestyle to a more environmentally friendly one. It started with ditching chemicals and using honey has a face wash and food as shampoo. Next came the reduction of plastic use and eating a more vegetarian based diet. The transition takes a long time. Here I am three years later and I cannot say I am 100% green. In all honesty, I may never be but I will try my hardest to be as environmentally friendly as I can.

How my lifestyle impacts the environment is very important to me.

Nature was here first and here we are abusing and destroying it. We only have one Earth. One home. And no one seems to care what we do to it. Most of us may never be that individual who finds a revolutionary way to farm without destroying the rainforest, or develop the next technology to help eliminate carbon pollution, or bring a species back from the brink of extinction, but we can change how we impact the environment and make a difference in our everyday lives.

Eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year. Over 400 gallons of water is needed to produce a pound of beef. In the U.S. we throw out over 1 billion trees worth of paper every year. Could you imagine how much plastic we could keep out of the ocean, how much water and how many trees we could save if we changed how we used our resources? There is so much we can do to reduce our negative impact on our planet and reduce the stress we have put on our natural resources. This is why I do what I do. Why I want to help educate people and show that if we all started to live a greener lifestyle we can make a difference. I want to show that it is possible to change to help the environment as well as improving your own health and home!


How You Can Begin Living a Green Lifestyle


Stop, Reduce, Replace.


Stop buying items that are not environmentally friendly such as plastics. Once you’ve made the commitment to stop buying products that may be harmful or nonrenewable, then you can start looking at what you need to reduce. Naturally, the exclusion of plastic should reduce the amount of trash you are producing but you want to also look at what resources you use that can be reduced. Water for example. You can take shorter showers, opt out of washing your car, and look at getting a water efficient washer and dishwasher. You really have to sit down and analyze how you and your family utilizes everything around you. It’s really eye opening to see how much plastic you have or how much you and your family waste each week. The last step is honestly the one that will take the longest to complete. Make a list of everything you want to eventually replace with more natural alternatives. This year I decided that I was going to replace every plastic coat hanger in our closet with wooden ones. It’s been over 6 months since I decided to do this and we still haven’t replaced all of them, but we are close. Now, once you’ve decided what you are going to replace you don’t necessarily have to throw it all out! Go ahead and donate those items that are still usable to a second hand store. Some people can’t afford to replace all their plastic containers with glass or aluminum ones but buying second hand containers saves the need to constantly but newly made items. Reusing is very important!

There is honestly so much you can do to reduce your footprint.

This doesn’t even touch the surface of everything you could possibly do to help make an impact! I highly recommend reading Green, Greener, Greenest- A Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life by Lori Bongiorno. Also feel free to follow me to stay updated on how to transition over to an eco-friendly lifestyle. It can be done!


The choice is yours.

I made the decision to change my life around in every aspect. Starting with these two topics seemed to be the most simple way, but there is more coming- stay tuned! I would love for each of you to embark on this journey with me. Above I listed two different contacts, feel free to reach out to them. If there are other subjects you would like me to touch on, email me at hello@kayladeneblogs.com.



  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I’ve been trying to make small improvements in my lifestyle to lower my environmental impact. I’ve maaaaaasively cut back on my water consumption over the past year – it’s crazy how big an impact just a minute or two of showering can have in the long term 🙂

  2. I was just talking to my husband about looking into using more green cleaning products around the house! The ones I use now have always caused me to go into a coughing fit when sprayed. So far, I love Mrs. Meyer’s products and hope to stock up on more natural brands + invest in EO’s!


  3. I’m glad that someone is living an environmentally conscious life.. I totally wish I had the patience to do that 🙁 one day!

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