BodyBoss Method

BodyBoss. No, really this method is BOSS.


*Sponsored post but all opinions are my own*


The BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide is a 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program that includes workouts that are not only intense, but super fun. Yes, working out can be fun. Plus, do not get me started on the way I feel afterwards! Each work out has me feeling refreshed, confident, and like a boss. 


Things I love about BodyBoss Method:
  1. It saves me so much time. The work outs are under 24 minutes, 3 times a week. Making it easy to do while at home, with my daughter. I can take it anywhere with me, too- on vacation, friends house, outside, anywhere!
  2. The Program is uniquely designed and highly structured to drive big results in a short time. So after week 12 my body will be transformed. I have already seen progress physically, emotionally, and mentally. Those three things are important! Working out is more than just seeing physical results. 
  3. There is bonus 4 Week Pre-Training Program. Before the 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program starts, you have a pre-training that gets you prepared. It gets your mind and body worked up to really push it when the real things come. I love it!
  4. Many options on how you can go about purchasing BodyBoss. You can order the online version, which gives you access to the online training program or you can purchase the package which is the online version plus the 200 page booklet. It is great to have the option of doing it online only. 


I am so unbelievably happy to have found BodyBoss Method.

Since giving birth, I have been trying to get back into exercising. I even wrote about it in my Love Yourself Series. Boy, did I underestimate that. Being a stay at home mom can be rough some times and I now have a plan to help me with getting my work outs done all while taking care of my daughter. Not only that, I have a legit plan that shows me exactly what and how to work out. The form and how many reps is shown in the book giving me all the information I need. It gives me something I can hold myself too. In the back, there are worksheets for me to track my progress. On top of alllla’dat there is a Facebook group full of other boss babes who are going through the method as well. I appreciate this so much because gaining to motivation to workout is hard, especially on top of all the weight I’ve gained. I had to pull myself out of being insecure and giving up. Pull myself out being out of shape. Pull myself out of simply feeling sorry for myself and the Facebook group has helped and still helps with that!

What I usually do is wake up, put my tank and shoes on, grab Riley Blake and head downstairs to work out. I like to do it in the morning while baby girl is happiest (ha!). When I do it in the morning, my whole days seems to go better. I’m more focused and energized. It really sets the tone for everything else.

Throughout the workouts, there are times I do stop to entertain RB to keep her happy and up in good spirits.

I said it earlier, but I will say it again. I love the way I feel afterwards. Getting sore is a great feeling because I know it’s working. There is not a time I don’t sweat either! This stuff is the real deal. 


Stay tuned for a sneak peek into what the workout looks like.



There it is folks. The best workout ever. If you have yet to try BodyBoss Method, you better hop on it. Like right now. Because it will change yo life!



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