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Life Update: Numero Cuatro

After this, I’m numbering these in English (LOL) On a serious note, things are bout to get real emotional up in hea’  Now, hold tight. I’m about to update y’all, but in order for this…

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Look Book1: Fred & Co

Self expression can be done through words from poems and blog post to songs and letters. My favorite form of self-expression, though, happens to be through fashion. I can’t quite pin point one word to…

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Life Update: Numero Tres

I’ve been at a loss for what to do next. My beauty business isn’t going as I had hoped. But then, I was reminded.   “Girl, you just got certificated and you’ve had how many…

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To The Unwed Mother

Oh how the world loves to point fingers while, in hiding, committing their own sins. My boyfriend and I had been dating long distance so the moment we finally got to be together, face to…

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To The Curly Haired Girl

Growing up I had to have my hair straight at all times. I begged my mom for a relaxer (permanent straighten) and she always said no. She barely even let me dye my hair for…

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