About Me

    Encouraging the world to live life to it’s fullest potential through loving ourselves and living our passion.


This is real. This is me. 

Mother. Creative. Wanderer. Artist.

I created this site to write my life experiences in hopes to inspire. Life is beautiful and should be lived to the fullest. Through each post I want you to feel encouraged to fully live life. The top two ways I think one can fully live life is by a) loving yourself and b) chasing your dreams. For that reason I created an artist collective called SLUSH, that is all about finding and living your passion. Then, I created a Love Yourself Campaign sharing my story and bringing people together because let’s face it, loving ourselves can be hard. My blog interconnects the two by showing you how I do all of this and more. Showing you how I live my life to the fullest, even through the hardest of times.

On my site you will see life as a new mom, entrepeneur life, and travel journeys. If you find any of my post moving and want to chat more on that topic or just have a question, hit ya girl up!

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  1. How did you get into blogging? The number one thing I get asked about is how I got into blogging and how to actually do it. Well, let me start with why. I started a blog years ago just as a PSA. My post were to inform people to simply live life. The blog only lasted about a month. It wasn’t;t anything too serious, but this time around in May of 2017 I found that I could make a blogging a career. I also just had a baby so it was a perfect way for me to set up a virtual scrapbook. Well, I did just that. I still want this blog to serve as a PSA to love yourself and live your passion. Now how does one actually start a blog? You’re in luck because I made a whole post about it here.
  2. How’s your daughter doing? Riley Blake, my sweet baby girl is doing wonderful. Many of you ask about her DOC Band Experience which, I too made a post about that you can read here.




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